Typical projects funded by Fondation Eagle are:

Each charity receiving a grant from Fondation Eagle must sign a Contract binding the charity to the conditions set out by the Foundation. All grant recipients must send six-monthly progress reports and a final detailed report including detailed financial information and pictures to demonstrate proper use of funds. From time to time, the manager or members of the board or independent experts also visit and carry out random spot checks on the projects.

General conditions of the grants from Fondation Eagle

The applicant acknowledges and accepts that:

1. The Foundation receives more applications than it has funds to support. In many cases it may not be possible to make grants for projects within the funding priorities.

2. The Foundation is committed to supporting projects that will make a real difference to the lives of the end beneficiaries.

3. The Foundation will not assist:

• Individuals, but only beneficiaries of registered charities.
• Large national or international charities.
• Publications and journals (unless as part of a supported project).
• Any charity whose beneficiaries are restricted to particular faiths.

Grant conditions

4. The grant is made specifically for the purpose accepted by the Foundation, and any change to this initial purpose requires the approval in writing of the Foundation.

5. A grant should be utilized during the time period mentioned in the application. Any grant unspent within this period will be reported to the Foundation, with an indication of the reasons for the delay. The Foundation retains the right to ask for the return of the funds should the delay not be accepted by the Foundation.

6. Any unspent balance of the grant must be returned to the Foundation when the project to which it relates is completed or the time allowed for expenditure expires, unless the Foundation accepts an extension of the project.

7. As a principle, the applicant will acknowledge the Foundation in all publicity relating to the grant or to the project to which it relates unless it has been agreed otherwise.

8. The applicant will submit copies of its Annual Reports and Audited Accounts showing the Foundation’s grant in the audited accounts’ section in any year in which the applicant has received or used the Foundation’s funds. The grant recipient accepts that all the reports on the projects will be posted on Fondation Eagle website.